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Get unstuck, overcome overwhelm, and move forward with your writing dreams.

If you're struggling to beat writer's block, clarify your message, uncover who your reader is, build your audience, write a book proposal, publish your book, or get an agent or publisher, I can help. Let's start today.


I believe ...

You're the gatekeeper to your own success.

Let's open that gate, together

As a published author who started writing with no idea what I was doing, I understand how the writing and online world can seem overwhelming, intimidating, and impenetrable.

But there’s no secret formula or hidden gatekeeper to achieving your writing dreams.

Whether you know it or not, you have what it takes to find the clarity and confidence required to make the writing progress you long for.

After over 25 years of experience in the coaching, pastoring, marketing, and publishing industries, I have the experience needed to help you get unstuck, find clarity, and achieve your goals.

Just like I did.

If you ...

  • Have writing and publishing goals but aren't sure how to make them reality.
  • Are overwhelmed, lost or unsure of your next steps.
  • Want to know what to prioritize and how to move forward.
  • Long to find time to write but can't seem to find the space and time.
  • Have been told you need to grow your platform but you're not sure how.
  • Want to launch your book or finally finish your manuscript
  • Desire to get published in print and online publications.


Then I can help you

  • Determine realistic goals that suit your writing and home and work lives.
  • Turn your writing from a hobby you wish you had more time for to a craft you value and prioritize.
  • Find time to write in your busy schedule.
  • Uncover the core of your message and who your reader is.
  • Build an actionable plan to grow your social media and email audiences.
  • Finally make an income from your writing.


If you're ready to overcome what's holding you back, create clear, manageable, actions, and move towards your writing goals feeling calm and confident...



What does a normal coaching session look like? 

  • We meet face to face via video conferencing for 50 minutes.
  • I ask questions to help you find clarity and direction.
  • We navigate potential obstacles that might derail your progress.
  • You leave with a set of and clear, manageable action steps towards your personal goals.

Got questions?

Want to chat or try a mini sample session? 

If you want to see what a coaching session is like or you're not sure what coaching is all about and want to learn more before you dive in, book a chat and sample mini session.

In this 20 minute session you'll learn more about how coaching can help you make the progress you want, figure out if coaching is for you, and have a mini session and come away less overwhelmed or confused and ready to take your next step.


Next Steps Towards Your Writing Goals

Book Your Coaching Package

Decide which coaching package fits your writing goals and needs.

Book your package and schedule your sessions.

Not sure which package is the best fit? Let's chat.

Get Unstuck + Find Clarity

At each coaching session we'll figure out where you're stuck, what's in your way, and where you want to get to.

Then we'll put a clear, actionable plan together to take your next step with confidence.

Hit Your Goals + Celebrate!

Leaving the overwhelm and stress behind you'll have the confidence and action plan to make the progress you've dreamed of.

Then it's time to mark your progress and celebrate.


Choose the right coaching package for you.

Power Hour



  • 1 one-on-one 60 minute zoom call.
  • Record your session to replay later.
  • Book session times to suit your calendar.
  • Get unstuck, find clarity and make the progress you long for.

Starter Pack



Most Popular

  • 3 one-on-one 50 minute zoom calls
  • Record your sessions to replay later.
  • Book session times to suit your calendar.
  • Get unstuck, find clarity and make the progress you long for.

Progress Pack



Biggest Savings 

  • 6 one-on-one 50 minute zoom calls
  • Record your sessions to replay later.
  • Book session times to suit your calendar.
  • Get unstuck, find clarity and make the progress you long for.

Feeling stuck? Not sure which package is for you?

Book a free 20 minute discovery call to talk about your writing goals and find the right coaching package for you.

What people are saying


I’m amazed by how much I was able to accomplish while working with Niki. She helped me narrow in on the steps I needed to take to move my writing project forward, helped me think through potential barriers to my productivity and develop a plan to counteract them.

My confidence as a writer grew, I become more productive and  Niki helped me identify and address various mental and emotional blocks that were limiting my ability to take crucial steps forward.

Joy Mast, Founder of Releasity


"Niki exudes a Zen Kindness - it makes spending time with her a pure delight.  She is also super helpful.  In just four sessions she unearthed some stealthy procrastination tactics I was “up to,” and broke down some of my mounting writing blocks into clear manageable, workable and solvable situations. 

Niki helped me set small goals that I actually met.  I began our 5 weeks without even knowing what my musical play was about.  I spent the first 2 weeks building the world of my play and digging into the backstory of my protagonist and antagonist.  The next 2 weeks, I settled on the inciting incident and several guideposts within the narrative.  We ended our fourth session with a clear plan for finishing an outline, ways to avoid possible writing traps, and set a date by which I would complete my first draft. 

Niki asked me how I might make sure I stayed on track - specifically, how did I stay on track and accomplish things in other areas of my life.  This led to an additional plan -  to set a date, find a space, and cast actor/singers for a live professional reading of my play. 

This is how I know I will show up and get the work done (so as not to embarrass myself!).  This is WAY further down the road toward my end product than I would have been on my own.."

Julie Foldesi, Broadway Actress & Writer


"I am very grateful for my time with Niki. She helped me conquer fears and insecurities in order to move my goal from the idea phase to actionable items. She asked good questions and offered assistance where necessary. I truly couldn’t have made the progress I did without Niki’s coaching."

Amber Gaffney

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure?

Schedule a free 20 minute call to learn more about how coaching can help you, talk about your writing goals, have a mini coaching session, and figure out which package is the best fit for you.