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Because life doesn’t have to be pain free to be full, so let’s go live it

Relational. Encouraging. Impactful.

Having spoken internationally and appeared on The Hallmark Channel, Life Today, and 100 Huntley Street, Niki has a way of connecting with audiences and encouraging them that God always has more for them.

No matter what.

Niki loves nothing more than helping people see it, grab it and live it.

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“Every time I hear Niki speak I find myself scrambling for a pen and the back of a candy wrapper so I can take frantic notes. You will want to listen to her forever and you’ll also want to supply pens full of ink and lots of fresh paper for note taking.”

- Myquillin Smith, “The Nester,” Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author

“We were thrilled to have Niki Hardy as a keynote speaker at Winsome 2018. Niki shares her inspiring message wth authenticity, humor, and compassion. Her perspective encourages women to face life's inevitable trials with both courage and hope.”

- Kim Hyland, Winsome Living, author of An Imperfet Woman: Letting Go of the Need to Have It All Together

Speaker | Author | Cancer Survivor

Weaving biblical truths with personal stories, practical tools, and a large dose of honest humor, Niki encourages and equips audiences to stop waiting for life to get easier and start loving and living it to the full.

No matter how messy, painful or overwhelming it is..

Your audience will leave encouraged, inspired and equipped while feeling seen, understood and less alone. They may also pick up a slight English accent but that’s not guaranteed!

Niki speaks at conferences, retreats, women’s events, social and seasonal gatherings as well as virtual events

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Niki's loves to help women discover life doesn’t have to be pain free to be full, then go and live it! Whether your audience is feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or battling anxiety or fear, or wants to grow their trust in God and love who they really are, all so they can THRIVE not just SURVIVE, Niki has a beautiful message to share!

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Finding More

Unfortunately none of us are immune to life’s earthquakes; a scary diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, breakup or bankruptcy, infertility, the list goes on. God said there’d be troubles in life (I know, I wish He hadn’t said that) but He also said He came that we might have life to the full (phew!). Holding these two seemingly contradictory verses together, Niki encourages you that:

  • We don’t need to wait for the troubles to be over to experience God’s abundant life.
  • Joy, connection, laughter and intimacy can be found where there’s currently only worry, anger, and exhaustion.
  • It’s OK to laugh when all you want to do is cry.

Breathe Again

When life stinks so badly you need an industrial air freshener just to get out of bed, it can leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and hopeless. We keep on keeping on, just surviving, trying to stay afloat. Using her own personal story and with wisdom from other “thrivers”, Niki teaches us how to:

  • Use the 7 practices to thrive and not just survive, no matter what life’s thrown your way
  • Replace old habits with new tools, to carve a more full life right where you are.
  • Replace the lies our situation tells us with the truth God’s love reveals to us.

What Kind of God Allows Suffering?

In this moving talk, Niki looks at the standard Christian response to why God allows suffering then goes beyond it examine His response to our personal pain and answer “What does God say to me in my pain and heartache?” You are challenged to discover God meets us in the three areas that compound our suffering. 

  • Personalization – the belief our suffering is all our fault
  • Pervasiveness – the belief our suffering will affect every area of our lives
  • Permanence – the belief that we will always feel this way


Hear God's Still Small Voice Against the Roar of the World

The world is a noisy place; fast paced, loud and throwing messages at us every second. Add to that our own inner voice and the lies of the enemy it’s not wonder we struggle to hear God’s voice against the din. Niki challenges you to: 

  • Distinguish between the voice of God, the enemy, the world and our own “mind talk”
  • Use both sides of your brain to actively listen to God.
  • Tune out the world and tune into God to find the answer to life’s two most important questions.

Dangerous Hope

Hope is the enemy of fear (Dave Ramsey) and fear fuels the lies we believe about ourselves and God, but how do we cultivate hope when life is tough and our circumstances make us feel like God’s forgotten us and probably doesn’t love us much anymore. Niki helps you build hope that is dangerous to the pain, fear and lies by:

  • Checking out God’s credentials to determine if He’s worthy of our trust.
  • Name and shame the fear fueled lies we believe when our world is rocked.
  • Replace the lies with God’s love.

“Having Niki speak at St Mary’s was  an absolute gift. Her vulnerability, sense of humor and passionate reliance on God’s faithfulness in the midst of the chaos of life, was both inspiring and life changing for our congregation. Her ability to speak so openly about the challenge of living life in fullness in the face of adversity paved the way for an incredibly powerful time of ministry after her talk. “ 


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