20 Ways to Cope With Cancer

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How are we meant to cope with a cancer diagnosis and all the pain and worry that follows?

I know I don’t need to persuade you that finding out you’ve got cancer, living with a cancer diagnosis, or even being out the other side of treatment, adds a massive burden to our lives on so many different fronts.

If you’ve been feeling bad about how you’ve been coping (or not coping as the case maybe) with your cancer or you simply want some help to not let cancer boss you around, I want to assure you you’re not alone.

If you’ve been feeling bad about how you’ve been coping (or not coping as the case maybe) with your cancer or you simply want some help to not let cancer boss you around, I want to assure you you’re not alone. Here are 20 Ways to Cope…CLICK TO TWEET

As you may know, I lost both my mum and sister to cancer and was then diagnosed myself, so I’ve been both a daughter, sister and a patient on the cancer train. I’ve also had friends with cancer and taken that role too but I didn’t want to limit these strategies to my experience alone.

So, what follows is a whirlwind tour through 20 strategies for coping with cancer I’ve gleaned from medical journals, articles, fellow survivors and of course our faith.

This isn’t meant to be a deep dive into each one, more of a buffet you get to pick and mix from where you feel you’re not coping as well as you could be or need extra TLC.

Listen in to the episode 17 of Chemo Chair Prayers as I dive into each one and unpack it and give practical tips, but for now, here are your 20 ways to cope with cancer, in no particular order.

And grab your 20 Ways to Cope with Cancer Checklist with all the details you’ll need to not just cope with confidence!

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1. Keep track of your feelings.

2. Share your feelings with people close to you.

3. Seek individual counseling with a professional.

4. Join a support group.

5. Tell your doctor and nurse about your feelings.6. Keep calm and carry on

7. Spend time with family and friends

8. Accept help

9. Avoiding emotionally draining situations

10. Make space to pray regularly

11. Help others

12. Practice gratitude

13. Find a prayer partner or group

cope with cancer diagnosis

14. Keep track of important papers

15. Bring a buddy to appointments

16. Make time to laugh and smile

17. Talk to your family and kids

18. Figure out what kind of rest you need

19. Memorize a power verse

20. Focus on what you know

A couple of bonus tips because you’re the best…

21. Eat well, often + healthily

22. Remember who and whose you are

Grab your 20 Ways to Cope With Cancer checklist HERE

cope with cancer diagnosis

Tell me, what’s helped you cope with your diagnosis and with the fear, overwhelm and massive impact I’m sure cancer’s had on every part of your life?

What’s worked and what hasn’t, what’s filled you up and given you life and what’s drained you and left you gasping for air?

As I always say, thriving’s a team sport and no one lives alone.

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