Trusting God when He Doesn’t Do What You Thought He’d Do

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Stacey Henagan is the co-pastor of Keypoint Church, speaker, author, and the founder of SHE Women’s Conference. She and her husband, Casey, have four children: Holland, Hayes, Hudson, and Haven who is waiting for us in Heaven.

It’s her passion to help you love God more. She wants to champion the God dreams in your heart (even those buried deep down that no one knows) and encourage you to go for them with boldness. Stacey knows how it feels to seem unqualified, but make no mistake, if He’s called you, He’s equipped you. Any message she speaks or book she writes will be centered on this: loving God and saying yes to whatever He asks.

In this candid conversation, Stacy talks about how to move forward through disappointment when you don’t understand God’s ways so you can move from pain and doubt to a deeper belief that God is good and trustworthy.

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Let’s take a moment to pray using our simple guided prayer format that uses the acronym TRUST.

Thanking Him for who he is and what he’s done.  Resting in his love.  Unburdening our hearts.  Surrendering our hopes, fears and needs.  Taking Him at his word.


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If you haven’t already, download your TRUST prayer book mark HERE so you can pray along with me and pray with more confidence and less doubt in the week ahead.

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