Living in the Unknowns of Cancer with Marissa Brewer Henley :: [Episode 12]

Season #1 Episode #12

Whether you were diagnosed yesterday, last week, last month or you’ve been on this cancer journey a while now, you can’t have escaped times of not knowing. We wait for test results - will they show the cancer is back or spread or will I get the all-clear? We don’t know how we’ll tolerate the chemo, we don’t know how our kids are going to be impacted by our disease, we don’t know if or when we’ll ever get better and we certainly don’t know if this is it. 

There are sooo many unknowns.

 We live in them daily as cancer survivors and if we’re not careful they can become all-consuming. I’ve heard from so many of you saying these unknowns turn into fear, what-ifs, sleepless nights, and as we talked about in Ep 8 catastrophizing. 

So what are we meant to do? 

It’s not like we can change anything - unknowns are a reality we have to live with. So how do we do that so they don’t just consume us, but we can actually use them to build our faith and trust in God?  

Listen to my CHEMO CHAIR CHAT with Marissa Brewer Henley as she not only shares about being diagnosed with cancer when her kids were little and the unknowns she faced as she walked through cancer and still lives with today. I love that she gives us some super practical things we can do when we're living in the fear and anxiety of the unknowns before praying with and for you.

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