When Cancer Feels Lonely [Episode 32]

Season #1

With summer in full swing and travel opening up, people are on the move, which can mean loneliness sets in for those less able, too sick, or too immunocompromised to travel.    If that's you, then listen in to this episode from earlier in the year - Valentine's Day to be precise - when we talk and pray together through the loneliness of cancer.    

David, who wrote this Psalm23, could say he wasn’t afraid of anything, not even the valley of the show of death. It wasn't because there was nothing there to be afraid of, but because he knew He wasn’t alone. These familiar words might be encouraging but at the same time, it's one of those bible verses that’s easy to believe when life is all roses and butterflies, but when the rubber (AKA cancer) hits the road… not so much.  

  The reality is, cancer is often a long dark journey through the shadow of death where it’s easy to feel alone. We wonder where God’s got to, and, however much our friends and family love us, we’re the only one that sits in the chemo chair or has the tumor growing inside us.     That’s why we’re tackling the battle with loneliness in this episode.    Asking and finding solutions to questions like;  As we journey through the shadow of death, why do we so often feel alone and what can we do about it?  How do we find the confidence to say I will fear no evil because I know I am not alone!!   

Join us as we dive in and then pray through our guided prayer practice using the acronym TRUST.

Listen in and strengthen your trust in God.  

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