Life can knock the wind out of us and leave our faith deflated.

But you don’t need to have it all figured out to have great faith.

You just need to know how Wildly Known you are.

It’s not about creating rock-solid faith or honing unwavering belief, but about moving closer to God, one wobbly step at a time and being in creation helps.

  Let’s put the spring back in our spiritual steps, together.


We believe…

  • God is good even if life isn’t. 
  • Great faith isn’t glossy and polished. It’s scrappy, muddy, and often comes alive when we step outside. 
  • We don’t need to find certainty to be close with God.
  • Nature’s where we connect with God best because it’s the place we disconnect most easily.
  • Wobbly faith doesn’t bother God.
  • You don’t have to be outdoorsy to feel spiritual outdoors.
  • God loves doubting believers and believing doubters just as much as the strongest believers.

Life can suckerpunch us faster than we can say "I don't get it God" and grappling with faith when life's confusing isn't easy.

I get it.

Life can be tough but living Wildly Known needn’t be.



And live Wildly Known.


Grow Your Faith: Love Your Life

Fed up with trying to get closer to God and create a life you love – even with all its ups and downs – because nothing seems to help. Worried it’s you, God’s angry or not listening? I get it. Grab this Ebook + Audio bundle to start worrying less, trusting God more, stop feeling constantly tired, and start loving the real you by growing the faith you long for.

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Everyone Has One. What's Yours?

Knowing your Wildly Known Type cracks the code on what really drives you and helps you show up to every part of your life fully and wildly “you,” confidently doing and being everything God intended.

It also reveals what's really holding you back and how to avoid the pitfalls, so you can stop wondering what's missing in your life and faith, and feel alive again.

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31 Days of Prayer for Women With Cancer

If you’re afraid, worried, and wondering where God is, or need hope, comfort, strength and a down-to-earth friend who’s been there, this is for you. Grab this devotion and let’s pray together through every struggle and stage of your journey so you can find the inspiration, peace and courage you long for.

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breathe again

How to live well when life falls apart 

No one gets to skip the tough stuff.

When life crumbles it threatens to bury us – we’re left overwhelmed, drowning, unable to catch a breath, questioning God, and merely surviving a life we never signed up for. Sound familiar?

Breathe Again is the practical, no nonsense friend you need at times like this.

Through seven hands-on practices and stories from others who’ve been where you are, as well as prayers and questions to guide you, let me help you ditch the rubbish you believe about yourself and God and grab hold of the life He came to give you.


Hi Lovely, I'm Niki,

+ Relentless encourager


Your spiritual fr-entor (more BFF than mentor) and nature loving, straight talker.

After losing both my mum and sister to cancer, I was diagnosed. Theirs was lung cancer, mine was rectal! Yes, I know, bummer!

At first I was strong and determined to survive, but after chemo, radiation, surgery and more chemo, surviving was all I was doing.

 When I met people calling themselves “Thrivers” I wanted what they had. Not a fake positivity or faith rooted in denial, but a beautiful, honest one they loved, even if they'd never choose it.

Learning to thrive and live life wildly me, no matter what, is an ongoing pursuit and I want to help you live wildly you as I do.

Let’s put the spring back in our spiritual step (and have a cuppa), together.

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Speaker + Encourager

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“You'll want to listen to her forever."

"Every time I hear Niki speak I find myself scrambling for a pen so I can take frantic notes. You will want to listen to her forever and supply pens full of ink and lots of fresh paper for note taking.”

- Myquillin Smith, “The Nester,” Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author



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