For the weary, worried and waiting

cancer chemo chair prayers suffering Dec 17, 2020

Dealing with cancer or watching someone you love go through it is tough enough but load a global pandemic on top of that, and many of us are left weary, worried and waiting for things to change.

Each Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus and hear Isaiah’s call to sing a new song and overflow with praise, but this year we’d be forgiven for wondering if this message is still relevant.

Isn’t singing a new song a message for when life is easier?

More rainbows and butterflies than masks and lockdowns?

Listen in as we dive into how this call to sing a new song is actually more relevant now than ever.

I’ll take you behind the scenes of what was going on physically, culturally, and socially at the time Isaiah shared God’s word and how, like the Israelites before us, we can turn our weariness, worry and waiting into worship and wonder, bringing light to our darkness and hope when it’s hopeless.

cancer prayer God

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