When cancer leaves you feeling alone and abandoned by God

cancer chemo chair prayers suffering

Whether we’re physically alone or surrounded by people whose love is loud and tangible, cancer can be a lonely place. No matter how much our friends and family love us and are with us, they can never truly understand what it feels like to be where we are.

Only we listen to the endless worries swirling and screaming round our mind. No one else can be called off the bench to sub for us in the chemo chair and when the fear of the unknown tightens across our chest, it’s our heart that races and we’re left alone wondering if anyone feels it too.

As the night ticks by and the hush and hum of the house hangs softly in the stillness, we stare at the shadows dancing across the ceiling, asking God if he’s there in the silence or if we’ve been left to journey on alone.

This week on Chemo Chair Prayers we talk and pray about feeling alone and abandoned by God and I invite you to remember these three things;

  • You are not alone.
  • God is always there for you, in every step of your journey, no matter what.
  • It’s more than okay, it’s actually good, to let God know how you feel and what your deepest prayers and wishes are.

Together we pray through our TRUST guided prayer format and I invite you to take the spiritual exercise of breathing in Jesus and breathing out the fear, overwhelm, or loneliness, into the week ahead.

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Download your TRUST prayer book mark HERE so you can pray with more confidence and less doubt in the week ahead.