When Cancer Steals Your Joy and Laughter

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Did I tell you about the time I brushed my teeth with Preparation H?


I know, I know. Disgusting.

I’d like to say that it happened because it was dark, it was late, we were out-of-town and I just wanted to snuggle under the covers. But that wasn’t it.

I could say it happened because I was in a hurry or that I was praying so fervently that I didn’t realize what I had in my hand. But that wouldn’t be true either.

Go ahead, you can laugh.

Because today I’m coming clean and sharing all the grim details of what happened.

You’ll want to listen even if you or someone you love DOESN’T have cancer.

Because here’s the thing, Covid, cancer, layoffs, our husband walking out or anything else 2020 has thrown at us can feel like a bulldozer, barging into our lives, destroying everything in its path.

What’s not destroyed completely gets dented and damaged until it’s hard to know if it will ever be repaired and back to normal.

This year our health, energy, relationships, patience AND our sense of humor, have all taken a serious blow.

Covid and cancer stole our laughter faster than the shelves emptied of toilet paper.

Covid and cancer stole our laughter faster than the shelves emptied of toilet paper.CLICK TO TWEET

If that’s you and you long to laugh again, this my friend, is the episode for you.

They say laughter is the best medicine and of course it is. It’s been proven to send those feel good hormones, endorphins, rushing around our bodies, lower our heart rate and reduce stress.

In this episode we’ll learn to reclaim our joy and laugh again because when we’re up to our eyeballs in appointments, treatments, and nausea, laughing can become a distant memory but a much needed salve.

Today I want to remind us how wonderful and life giving laughter can feel.

And yes, I share the story of how I brushed my teeth with Preparation H – Oh yes I did!!

Click here to listen!


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And tell me, where have you found your laughter returning? What’s made you smile or giggle recently? Tell me all the fun stuff in the comments below.