Thrive don’t just survive, no matter what life throws at you!

When life falls apart what we so desperately need is a friend who’s been there, a way to discover that life doesn’t have to be pain-free to be full, and then a road map to go live it.

With plenty of her English humor and loads of practical advice Niki helps you do just that. Breathe Again is part BFF, part spiritual cheerleader/coach, and 100% down-to-earth.


breathe again will help you:

  • Replace the soul-destroying urban myths of suffering with the hope-building truths of God.

  • Escape the suffocating overwhelm of survival mode by learning God’s life-giving practices for thriving.

  • Rise above the rip tide of your current situation so you can start to Breathe Again.

  • Uncover more joy, peace, comfort and connection, even in your unchanging circumstances.

  • Laugh when all you want to do is cry, scream, or dive head first into a gallon of ice cream.

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What People Are Saying

Sheila Walsh

Co-Host of Life Today & Author of It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

“If you are struggling with what your life looks like right now, this book offers real help and tangible hope. Niki writes with empathy, humor, and gut-level honesty. You’ll find a friend within these pages.”

Lisa Whittle

Author, Bible Teacher, Podcast Host of Jesus Over Everything 

“Breathe Again is a healing salve for life-weary readers. With a unique combination of practicality and beauty, Niki travels with us...addressing the hard questions we have...helping us get to a place of greater understanding, acceptance, freedom, and joy. This book is important. It is an evergreen resource I will keep close to often recommend.”

Myquillyn Smith

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Cozy Minimalist Home

"Niki Hardy is the voice you need to hear when life goes the opposite of what you imagined. I'm buying Breathe Again in bulk to stock our arsenal of books that we keep around to give away to friends and family. This book is a gift."

Renee Swope

Bestselling Author of A Confident Heart & Former Radio Co-Host, Proverbs 31 Ministries

“Filled with life-giving hope, practical help and the perfect blend of real-life humor we need when life falls apart! This book holds the Truth we need, and the companionship of the friend we want, to walk through days that leave us gasping for air and seasons that make us wonder how we’ll ever survive."

Palmer Trice

Founder and Former Director of The Barnabas Center in Charlotte, NC

 "Breathe Again shares in concrete ways how God showed up and what she did in that journey. Her honesty and her practicality are both refreshing. If you are in a ‘hole.’ God can speak to you through Breathe Again.”

JD Chandler

National Media Personality, K-LOVE Radio Network

"Niki Hardy has been through the valley of the shadow of death, and eloquently unfolds her powerful story with a raw, vulnerable honesty that cuts to the very heart of the human condition. Not only would I recommend this book to anyone going through a health crisis, but to anyone struggling with the issue of real, active faith in the midst of a silent raging tempest."

Niki Hardy is a Brit in the USA, a cancer survivor, pastor’s wife, tea drinker and teller of bad jokes. As a speaker and the author she’s all about meeting you when life’s not fair and embracing the reality that with God, life doesn’t have to be pain-free to be full.

A Londoner born and bred, Niki and her family moved to Charlotte, NC, to plant CityChurch Charlotte and when she’s not speaking, writing, or running trails with her Doodles, you can find her with a nice cup of tea trying to figure out which remote control actually turns the TV on.

Her work has appeared in Christian Today, RELEVANT  Woman to Woman (Premier Radio), ForEveryMom, Living By Design Ministries Newsletter and is a contributing writer for ThriveMoms.

You can find Niki at and on Instagram @niki.hardy


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