Life is beautiful, painful, exhausting, glorious, and heart breaking.

Often all in one day.

And the closer we feel to God the more able we are to not just handle it, but love it!

Let me ask you.

Do you wonder if God really loves you because you don't really feel it?

⏩ Do you long to hear His voice but are never sure if it's you or Him?

⏩ Do you struggle to know how to connect with God so you know He's there?

If so, then I'd like to help. 

I've created a group of resources and tools called the Closer To God Bundle that will show you how to;

  • Know with confidence that God speaks to you and how to hear Him.
  • Identify the personal way God's speaks to you and how you best hear from Him.
  • Feel God's love in your heart, not just your head.
  • Connect with God in new ways and reignite your faith.

I know you're busy so I've designed each ebook and the audio to be super practical, encouraging and do-able, yet quick to read.

As a Christian author, speaker and pastor's wife, with nearly 30 years in ministry, I've helped hundreds of women feel closer to God and more able to deal with the hard, painful things in their life, by showing them how to hear God's voice, grow their trust in Him, and feel close to Him and utterly loved, no matter what.

The Closer To God Bundle includes 3 ebooks and an audio meditation (with transcript);

How To Hear God's Voice In A Noisy World

What if you knew with confidence that God speaks to you and how to hear Him?

Discover a brain-science backed method to hear His voice, the 3 biblical, confidence building, mindset shifts to stop you doubting yourself, learn the unique way God speaks to you personally, so you can lean into hard decisions or times of grief and stress, with calm confidence. 

How To Feel God's Love In Your Heart, Not Just Your Head

Do you intellectually know God loves you but struggle to feel it where it matters - in your heart?

When it comes to God's loving presence many of us have the facts but long for the feelings. This encouraging guide offers a gentle path to making God's outrageous love for you a tangible reality, so you can move through your days with confidence, peace and assurance you long for.

17 Ways To Reconnect With God When He Seems Far Off

Has your spiritual get-up-and-go got up and gone? Does God feel distant and uninterested?

Whether it's because life's busy or painful, or because we've got questions about God's goodness, it's easy to find ourselves feeling disconnected, apathetic, or simply longing to reconnect with our Father.

This practical guide offers 17 easy ways to rebuild that connection and encounter God in your daily life.

You Are Loved: A Love Letter From God In 40 Verses

Take a moment to breathe, unwind and sit in God's grace, love, and peace.

This gentle audio meditation and devotion will help the truth of who and whose you are seep into the core of your soul, helping to grow your faith and calm your heart.


A link to download your books will arrive in an email immediately after purchase.

Each ebook comes as a PDF download along with the audio meditation (and transcript) that can be listened to on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

You CAN feel closer to God, hear His voice, and recapture your spiritual get-up-and-go. The Closer To God Bundle will help, starting with the resource that resonates with you most and go from there, at your own pace.


to help you love the life you have by growing the faith you long for by sharing practical, down to earth, do-able tips, tool, and resources you can integrate into your everyday life. I can't wait to see your faith grow and for you to live the abundantly full life God has for you, no matter what.

Cheering you on,


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