A Love Letter to YOU from GOD.

Need something to cling to? Something to offer hope when everything seems uncertain and difficult or to help you not just know you're loved, but FEEL it? 

Written in 40 verses, this letter and its audio gives truth we can grab on to and trust whether life is all rainbows and butterflies or more rubble and brokenness.

Breathe Again: Download the first couple of chapters

Get the cheat sheet How to Break Out of Survival Mode and Thrive!

How to Handle Anything Life Throws At You

Download this FREE audio to discover three strategies to give you the self-confidence and trust to thrive, not just survive, right where you are.

10 Powerful Promises For When Life Stinks

These promises and beautiful hand-lettered card will remind you of God’s love, comfort, and peace, giving you hope and strength when life’s anything but fair.

Hear God’s Voice During Life’s Storms

When everything in life feels hard, we ache to hear what God has to say. But how do we tune out the distractions, worries, and anxiety – everything screaming for your attention at once – and hear the His still small voice? My practical guide walks you through four steps to train both your head and heart to hear His voice of love amongst the noise.

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