One Minute Prayers For Women With Cancer

Daily encouragement and prayers for the woman going through cancer

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed?

Are you afraid, worried, and wondering where God is?
Do you need hope, comfort, strength and a friend who’s been there?


I Get It. You Are Not Alone.

These bite-sized devotions, Scripture verses, and prayers walk with you through every struggle and stage of your journey so you can find the inspiration, peace and courage you long for.

Connect with God. Strengthen your faith. Find lasting hope.

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Niki had already lost her mom and sister to cancer when she was diagnosed with rectal cancer.

Determined to survive, she decided not to put life on hold but it wasn’t long before she found herself barely surviving a life she hadn’t signed up for. Eventually she discovered how to thrive, not just survive, and that life doesn’t have to be pain free to be full.

Now she doesn’t want you to miss out on anything God has for you, either. No matter what cancer throws at you.

With wisdom, insight, empathy, and yes, a little humor, cancer thriver Niki wants to come alongside you and help you

• transform cancer-fueled fear into hope-filled faith
• navigate the ups and downs of your journey with reassurance
• experience God’s peace and provision right where you are
• know that you’re loved and seen when you feel forgotten and alone

May these devotions and prayers make it easier for you to talk to God and invite Him to walk through this with you. 

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