Has God Abandoned You in Your Cancer? With Michele Cushatt :: [Episode 20]

Season #1 Episode #20

When cancer strikes, we can feel spiritually alone and question the presence of God. We wonder whether he's real? Has he left us? Is he mad and ignoring us? 

It's easy to feel abandoned, and we long to be sure God is not just real but near. We wonder if there's any tangible evidence that God hasn't left us? Whether we be certain of his presence and affection, strengthening our faith against any assault? 

Today's Chemo Chair Chat guest is none other than speaker and author Michelle Cushatt. She's a three-time head and neck cancer survivor as well as a parent of "children from hard places," and so she's an expert - all be it a reluctant one - of trauma and pain. Despite all she's been through, she's utterly convinced God is with us in the midst of all we're going through, and she's going to share how you, too, can be sure of His presence in your cancer journey. 

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