The 7 Kinds of Rest You Need as a You Go Through Cancer (and why you might be missing out on them) :: [Episode 16]

Season #1 Episode #16

Going through cancer is exhausting. 

Yes, the treatment beats up our bodies and robs us of sleep but the impact and toll it takes hits every part of our lives not just our sleep. If you've ever said "If I could just get a good night's sleep I'd be okay" then woken up exhausted, it might be because sleep is on one of the many types of rest you need.

 Listen in to my exhaustion-busting conversation with Dr. Dalton Saundra Smith. As a physician, author, and speaker -  she's an expert of the 7 kinds of rest we need, how to know which one we're missing and then how to ensure we get them, especially during cancer.  


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