Chemo Chair Prayers

Chemo Chair Prayers

Hosted by: Niki Hardy

Are you or someone you love going through cancer? If you long to keep fear and worry at bay and trust God no matter what or you're looking for a faith boost and an extra dose of God’s peace and strength, you're in...


How to trust God when you're diagnosed with Cancer :: [Episode 10]

Season #1 Episode #10

When life's easy, trusting God is too, but we often struggle to trust Him when diagnosed with cancer. It just doesn't seem as simple as it once did. We want to trust God, we know we should trust him, but it's still...
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Great Faith: It's not what you think :: [Episode 9]

Season #1 Episode #9

How do we build great faith, especially when we have cancer?   We long to have great faith; a faith that doesn’t waver and wobble in the hardest storms. We want our faith to hold us firm, keep us safe, calm. and full...
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The Kindest Thing You Can Do for Yourself This Year :: [Episode 8]

Season #1 Episode #8

We're finally saying goodbye to 2020 and I'm sure I'm not the only one delighted to see the back of this year. The trouble is, just because the ball drops and we raise a glass to a new year, it doesn’t mean all our...
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Why does God allow suffering? :: [Episode 7]

Season #1 Episode #7

If you or someone you love has cancer I don't need to persuade you that pain and suffering is real, that it can strike at anytime, or that no one is immune to it. Our pain and heartache often leave us asking the big...
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For the weary, worried and waiting :: [Episode 6]

Season #1 Episode #6

Dealing with cancer is tough enough but load a global pandemic on top of that and many of us are left weary, worried, and waiting for things to change. Each Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus and hear Isaiah's...
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The prayer you don't even pray anymore :: [Episode 5]

Season #1 Episode #5

Have you poured out your heart to God, pleading for things to change until you've got nothing left? Maybe you've given up and simply stopped praying - your energy to pray has been eroded by the constant silence and...
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When cancer steals your joy and laughter :: [Episode 4]

Season #1 Episode #4

Cancer’s like a bulldozer, barging into our lives, destroying everything in its path. What’s not destroyed completely gets dented and damaged and it’s hard to know if it will ever be repaired and back to...
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How to be thankful mid-cancer (when you're not) :: [Episode 3]

Season #1 Episode #3

Honestly? Sometimes, I just don't feel thankful. When life's hard – really hard - and I'm assuming it is for you too - it's surprising how often we look around us and not see anything we can or want to give thanks...
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When cancer leaves you feeling alone and abandoned by God :: [Episode 1]

Season #1 Episode #1

Whether we’re physically alone or surrounded by people whose love is loud and tangible, cancer can be a lonely place.  No matter how much our friends and family love us they can never truly understand what it feels...
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Dealing with fear and anxiety during cancer :: [Episode 2]

Season #1 Episode #2

No matter how far along in our cancer journey we are, fear, worry, and anxiety hang around like ever-present shadows clouding over what little sunshine hits our faces.  We fear the unknown, the pain of surgery and...
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Welcome to the Chemo Chair Prayers Podcast

Are you or someone you love going through cancer? Has your life and  faith been shaken by a diagnosis? Then you’re in the right place. Join  author and speaker Niki Hardy in this short, practical devotional podcast...
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